Assessment of plant performance using respirometers

New Respirometers For Both Aerobic And Anaerobic Use

Dedicated Anaerobic Repsirometer - RespSys-MPA208

The challenge AER208 has been used worldwide for many years giving aerobic/anaerobic respirometric capability in both liquid and solid phases. The MPA208 is a lower cost simplified version for Anaerobic work only. Due to the increasing importance of "Green" energy production including biogas from digestion, it is essential to optimize and protect your digester. The MPA208 allows you to screen tankered inputs, monitor digested culture condition, and optimize operational performance at a lower cost than before. The base unit accommodates 8 test vessels, which may be expanded up to 16.


Single Vessel Respirometer - RespSys: BM-EVO

The BM-EVO is a single vessel dedicated aerobic respirometer. It has the same facilities as the BM-advanced except for pH measurement and control and hence if offered at a lower price, making it probably the best "value for money" respirometer in this range. It has integral thermostatic control, mixing and DO sensing, and comes complete with laptop and preloaded processing software. It is an "open" system thus permitting the addition of sample, test liquors etc whilst still running. This makes it ideal for detailed studies of operational conditions on Activated sludge plants. It has three operational modes to suit the application for which it is being used.


Aerobic/Anaerobic/Solids/Liqs - with RespSys:Quickscan

Single/Double Digital Gas Flow Meters with RespSys:DFM
Cheaper yet equally options are available in the form of the RespSys-Quickscan and RespSys-DFM ranges. The Quickscan may be used in aerobic or anaerobic modes and can be used for liquid or solid phase tests. The only limitation is that it is a 4 vessel unit only (non expandable).
The DFM series are digital gas flow meters - single or dual channel, designed for use with your own lab scale digesters. They are relatively simple devices which may be used as just a visual indication of total gas flow via the totalisers, or they may also interface with your PC to give gas flow curves and production rates.