Single-vessel respirometer

aerobic respirometer

A single bottle aerobic respirometer for the laboratory measurement of oxygen consumption rate and derived parameters in aerobic cultures.

This open system, allowing additions of test substances or nutrients throughout the testing period, unlike those respirometers based on pressure reduction techniques. It also supplies air to the culture, hence never being oxygen limiting like some simpler barometric systems.

The measurement principal is that of DO concentration measurement over time. Temperature stability is achieved with a self contained peltier heating/cooling system.
Three modes of operation are available:

  • Static - this just measures a single oxygen decay of a pre-aerated sample, giving the OUR or SOUR for that sample. Very useful for rapid checks on ASP functionality.
  • Cyclic – This measures multiple oxygen decay curves between fixed DO set points, allowing construction of a long term respirogram.
  • Dynamic – This measures the variation in respiration rate through the treatment of a sample. Max respiration rates are determined as are total oxygen demands. It is particularly useful for rapid comparative tests,cumulative oxygen requirement tests, relative bioactivity tests, Kinetic parameter determinations.


  • Municipal and Industrial ASP monitoring
  • Toxicity testing
  • Influent treatability testing
  • Determination of kinetic constants for modelling
  • Nitrification assessment
  • Determination of easily degradable fractions
  • Oxygen requirement determination
  • Process parameter optimisation for ASP's
  •  Bio-augmentation control



  • Internal air compressor
  • Maintenance-freeDO probe
  • Small carry-case
  • Integral thermostatic control
  • 'Open' system
  • Three operational modes
  • Powerful data processing software
  • Long-term measurement
  • Easily transportable
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenenace
  • No gas cylinders required
  • Automatic respirogram generation
  • Test substances may be added at any time
  • Total O2 uptake and respiration rate display available
  • Easy report production
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