anaerobic respirometer

multibottle respirometer A multi-bottle dedicated anaerobic respirometer for the laboratory measurement of gas production rate or methane production rate in anaerobic environments.

The principal of operation is very simple, i.e. counting numbers of gas bubbles, the volume of which has already been calibrated under standard conditions. Bubble counting is achieved by detecting the interruption of an IR light beam by a photosensitive cell.

Each respirometer system comprises four elements:

  • Reactor vessels, stirrers and temperature control
  • Bubble counting module
  • Interface module
  • Computer.

Three bottle sizes and two flow cell sizes are available, and either
heating only or heating plus cooling systems may be provided. Windows
Software is supplied preloaded on the supplied computer, and data files
may be manipulated in excel if required. Graphs, tables and reports may
be printed out directly. The gas production and rate of production may
be viewed in real time on screen. Up to two 8 bottle bases may be
deployed at the same time with just one interface.

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  • 8 bottle modules
  • Magnetic stirrer bases and bars
  • Up to 2 modules run on a single interface
  • Optional heating/cooling
  • Interfaces with computer (supplied with software)
respirometry graph


  • Measures health of existing sludge cultures
  • Assesses toxic effect of single and sequential discharges
  • Predicts gas/energy production
  • High resolution and accuracy
respirometry results


  • Tanker discharge monitoring
  • Digester management control
  • Digested or lagoon sludge stability testing
  • Toxicity testing
digester management