BOD test kits (range 2-3000 mg/l O2)

Nanocolor Biochemical Oxygen Demand test kits

Photometric determination of BOD5

BOD test kits for the determination of biochemical oxygen demand in 5 days (BOD5) by using the diluting principle according to the German standard method DIN 38409-H51.

The incubation of the samples is carried out in Winkler oxygen flasks. The determination of oxygen dissolved in water at day 0 and after 5 days is carried out similarly to the Winkler Method DIN EN 25813-G21 by photometric evaluation of iodine-colour.

biochemical oxygen demand test kits

Data and ordering information (985822)

REF 985 822
Type Winkler bottles test 8 - 22
Range 2 - 3000 mg/l O2
Sufficient for 25 - 50 determinations
Shelf life at least 2 years at
Sea water suitability yes

(985-822) For the full range of BOD Test Kits, please see also BOD5 TT

Please note that Envitech Ltd also supply online analysers for COD/TOC and BOD, giving continuous, automatic measurements.

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