TOC 60 – Total Organic Carbon test

Nanocolor TOC 60

Total Organic Carbon test

Photometric total organic carbon test

This total organic carbon test is carried out in two steps:

1. Disposing of the inorganic carbon (TIC)

2. Decomposition of the organic carbon (TOC) and detection of the carbon dioxide formed by means of an indicator

total organic carbon test

Data and ordering information (985094)

Cat No. 985 094
Type tube tests 0 - 94
Range 10 - 60 mg/l C
Sufficient for 10 determinations
Shelf life at least 1 year
Sea water suitability no

(985-094) The TOC test kits range from Macherey Nagel also includes: TOC 25 and TOC 600

Leaflet MSDS Pictogram Quote for TOC 60