Visocolor Calcium


Calcium CA 20

Titrimetric determination of calcium

Complexometric titration after precipitation of the magnesium salts.

Data and ordering information

Cat No. 915 010 (915 210)
Type high sensitive test kit (refill pack)
Range 1 syringe is sufficient for the determination of 0.5 - 20 d or of 0.1 - 3.6 mmol/l Ca2+ (corresponds to 4 - 145 mg/l Ca2+).
Sufficient for 200 tests with an average calcium hardness of 10d or 1.8 mmol/l Ca2+
Shelf life at least 2 years
Sea water suitability yes, after dilution 1:5 and addition of 6 drops Ca-1
Detectable with PF-11 no


Calcium is widely distributed in nature in rocks and in water. Water containing calcium and magnesium causes problems in industry as well as in households, since during boiling calcium carbonate is precipitated as detrimental boiler scale and since calcium ions inhibit the foaming of soaps.

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