Visocolor Carbonate Hardness C20

VISOCOLOR Carbonate Hardness C20

Carbonate Hardness C20

Titrimetric determination of carbonate hardness (p/m Alkalinity)

The determination is preformed as titration with hydrochloric acid against a mixed indicator, which changes colour at pH 4.5. (Reaction principle analogous to DIN EN ISO 9963-1 C2 and C24).

Data and ordering information

Cat No. 915 003 (915 203)
Type high sensitive test kit (refill pack)
Range 1 syringe is sufficient for the determination of 0.5 - 20 d or of 0.2 - 7 mmol/l H+ (corresponds to 10 - 350 mg/l CaCO3)
1 gradation mark = 0.5 d = 0.2 mmol/l H+
Sufficient for 200 tests with an average calcium hardness of 10d or 4 mmol/l H+
Shelf life at least 2 years
Sea water suitability yes
Detectable with PF-11 no


Carbonate hardness is that portion of calcium and magnesium ions which are present as carbonate or hydrogen carbonate.Normally the carbonate hardness is smaller than the total hardness. If the carbonate hardness is larger than the total hardness, you should trace the origin of this abnormal conditions, e. g. discharge of alkali hydrogen carbonates or high buffer capacity.

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