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Algae fluorometer

chlorophyll analysis using algae fluorometer


The bbe FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive algae fluorometer for chlorophyll analysis. It quickly and reliably determines chlorophyll concentration down to depths of 100m. The measuring data of the probe can be displayed online via a serial interface or stored in the probe for subsequent analysis.

In addition to determining the chlorophyll content, the probe also detects the presence of algae and allocates them to various spectral algae classes (blue-green algae/cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms / dinoflagellates / chrysophytae, cryptophytae). This enables the instrument to analyse the occurrence and distribution of algae on site without the necessity of a laboratory. The instrument is also capable of taking adaptations such that it may be used as a lab. Cuvette machine, a flow through online machine and a Benthic algae detection device. It is probably the most sophisticated in situ algae fluorometer available.


Drinking water monitoring for blue-green algae - Supervision of aqua culture systems - Educational studies - Early warning system - Control of bathing waters - Oceanic research - Limnological research - Dye tracing (Rhodamin)

NEWS: (New Titanium housing for Sea Water monitoring)

Up to now the FluoroProbe III was mainly used for profiling of phytoplankton in fresh water and for short-term measurements in sea water. However, sea water microalgae widely contribute to primary production in oceans and coastal areas and are increased in the focus of investigations.
Extended or long-term use in sea water poses additional challenges for materials. Titanium housing is the solution to avoid corrosion under these harsh conditions. Look for the FluoroProbe III Ti if you need a robust probe in a rugged environment.

Currently, the FluoroProbe III Ti is only approved for depths up to 100m or 300m. The FluoroProbe III Ocean will soon be available in a titanium housing for 1000m maximum depth and replace the 1000m steel FluoroProbe III. Cables and Auto-start plug of FluoroProbe III Ti are modified to be used with the titanium connector.

For more information on the FluoroProbe, please follow the link to the bbe website


  • Determination of up to 5 different algae classes
  • User fingerprints for greater accuracy
  • Very rapid analysis - Multiple application unit
  • Automatic logging
  • Easy data display and manipulation.
  • Measurands : total chlorophyll [µg chl-a/l]
  • Chlorophyll range : 0 - 200 µg chl-a/l
  • Resolution : 0.05µg chl-a/l
  • Measurement Procedure : spectral fluorometry
  • Water Temperature : -2-+40°C
  • Power Supply : 12V
  • Dimensions (H x Diameter) : 450 x 140mm
  • Housing : reinforced carbon fibre/V4A steel
  • Weight : 4.5kg
  • Operating Depth : 3 ranges from 0-100m up to 0 -1000m
  • Interface : RS485/RS232 modem optional

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