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TOC analyser

TOC analyser

The QuickTOCcondensate is a version of the LAR QuickTOC TOC analyser range which is specially designed to protect boilers and steam generators. Carbon compounds in boiler feed water and condensate return from heat exchangers will cause damage to the boiler or steam generator. There are some compounds which cannot be detected using pH and conductivity measurement. Please click the link for more information about how continuously measuring carbon levels is a cost effective way to safeguard these systems.

TOC Analyser Features:

  • 1,200°C oxidation (no catalysts needed)
  • Ozone Free
  • Response time:  Typically - 3 minutes
  • Analyser availability at least 98%
  • Measuring ranges:
  • 0.1 - 20mg/lt equal to 0.1 - 20 ppm
  • 1 - 2,000µg/lt equal to 1 - 2,000 ppb
  • Sample Delivery via the loop injection system.
  • Touch Screen Control and Display
  • Digital and analog output signals for external alarms and controls
  • Access levels set with robust technology
  • Multi-channel options
  • Low maintenance a maximum of 30 mins per week

The QuickTOCcondensate TOC analyser measures Total Organic Carbon using thermal oxidation at 1,200°C. The instrument operates at very low levels of TOC and uses a closed loop injection system to exclude all external interferences.

The catalyst-free ceramic oven is the centrepiece of the QuickTOCpurity. At 1,200°C, it reliably dissolves all carbon bonds and thus enables a complete analysis of samples. Despite the high temperatures used, absolute safety is guaranteed in all settings. To this end, the QuickTOCpurity can be delivered with a number of different housings, depending on the intended location, enabling the analyser itself to be safely located in highly corrosive environments as well as in Ex-Zones.

For condensate applications, Total Carbon is of interest because any form of carbon can cause corrosion or fouling within the boiler or steam generator. In some installations the Total Organic Carbon is measured. The thermal oxidation ensures that all the carbon present is converted into CO2 gas. This includes non- volatile, volatile, and purgeable organics along with inorganic carbon in the single Total Carbon measurement.

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