On-line Phosphate monitoring

Bluemon Phosphate monitoring

The Bluemon Phosphate is a photometric analyser using robust and reliable colour chemistry for Ortho phosphate monitoring in water and wastewater.

The version pictured below is designed for phosphate monitoring meeting the needs of wastewater applications - particularly for feed forward process control of iron dosing in a wastewater treatment plant.

For this application Envitech have incorporated the proven Vortex filter as part of the sample preparation.

 ortho phosphate monitoring

The Bluemon transmitter used in this phosphate monitoring equipment has exceptional communication capability. This allows the functions of the analyser to be assessed and reviewed by engineers via a secure network connection.
This means that service and support can be taken to the next level. Envitech Ltd is able to offer pro-active support to clients, rather than waiting for the client to report a fault. Envitech Active Service Support and Maintenance is particularly important for instruments operating on unmanned and remote sites.
Remote monitoring allows not only an indication of performance and recorded levels of Phosphate, but also in-depth 'back-end' data. This data can be used to assess maintenance needs with specific reference to the requirements to the client site. Optimisation of the system to specific site conditions is also possible via remote communications.

Technical Details

  • Power supply unit Input voltage 85 - 264 VAC, 24VDC option
  • Power consumption typical 42 W
  • Dimensions (WxLxH) 45 x 48 x 26 cm
  • Weight approx. 20 kg
  • Sample pressure 0 bar (max 0.05 bar over-pressure)
  • Sample flow rate 2 - 10 l/h, no suspended solids - provided by Vortex Filter.
  • Sample temperature 10 - 40 °C
  • Low reagent consumption
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