Online respirometer

The ODM-100 Oxygen Demand Monitor is a rugged unit designed to measure and record oxygen demand either continuously or in batch mode according to your needs.

On-line respirometers are useful for monitoring the activity of mixed liquors in activated sludge processes. This information can be used to make decisions on loading rate capacity, aeration requirements, and can serve as an early warning device against toxic impacts.
The Oxygen Demand Monitor allows for continuous monitoring of oxygen demand. The rugged, rail-mounted unit can quickly be installed or moved from location to location for a full analysis of oxygen demand for your specific operation. The unit operates in continuous or sequential batch mode for optimum oxygen demand information. Continuous mode can be used for toxicity detection and trend monitoring. The sequential batch mode can be used for OUR fingerprint analysis. The RespSys_odm Oxygen Demand Monitor is a robust, measurement instrument designed for operation in harsh plant environments.
oxygen demand monitor
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