Plunge Sampling

plunger manual sampling

Pipette sampling

The SampSys_M range are a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand. This range complements our range of automatic samplers as a lower-cost simpler alternative.Plunger systems from Envitech include:

  • Dip Sampler
  • Plunging Syphon
  • Visco and Liqui Sampler

Please get in touch for more information about equipment suitable for your specific sampling requirements

Dip Sampler for rapid simple liquid spot-checks. The samplers are transparent Polypropylene so that the sample can be clearly seen. May be used to sample from specific depths or as an 'all-layer' sample.

Plunging Syphon disposable samplers are ideal where cleaning of equipment is expensive and time-consuming. Polyethelene transparent construction allows easy recognition of contents.

Visco and Liqui Samplers are made of ultra-pure, chemically inert PTFE/FEP for contamination-free sampling. Colour-coding helps to identify contents, these units are easy to use and easy to clean..

Immersion Samplers

Plunger Samplers

Hand Pump Samplers

Beaker/Scoop Samplers

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