Sampler Remote

Envitech Sampler Remote Triggering Option

The Alamon / GSM controller option allows remote activation of an Isco sampler. In addition remote checking of the Isco sampler status is possible using SMS text messaging. The system is flexible allowing up to three events causing SMS alarm messages to be generated and also the facility to enable / disable the Isco sampler remotely.

Remote triggering Operation

1. Program sampler and leave with gsm controller with digital output high – i.e sampler disabled – default.

2. Once ready to activate sample send a “o0” message – this will turn off sampler disabling and hence activate sampler ; a sms message from I/O 1 will then be sent to phone number stored in memory of controller confirming that the sampler has been successfully enabled – this is a helpful check on system.

3. The status of the gsm controller and hence the inputs / outputs can be checked at any time via message S1

4. Once the sampler program needs running again, the trigger inputs will not activate from the gsm controller until reset as above.