Process Analysers

Technical Info - Process Analysers

We are happy to provide technical information concerning the range of process analysers we supply:

  • Help in choosing the correct analyser for your application
  • Advice & information on design of sample handling
  • Recommended methods of installation
  • Data handling, storage, processing, alarm and GSM options
  • Commissioning and training options
  • Total care maintenance and support package
  • Health & Safety issues

Help in choosing the correct analyser for your application

We are often able to offer several different analysers or methods for any one parameter. In order to ensure we provide you with the best solution for your application please contact us - by e-mail or phone - or  029 2036 4252. We have many years experience of selecting the best analyser technology and are happy to put that knowledge at your disposal.

You can also send us the details of your application via our application questionnaire form, either here, or on any of the product pages within the website:

survey-sq2 Fill in the Application Survey to let us know more details about your monitoring requirements

Recommended Methods of Installation

Envitech can offer a complete installation service including the supply of analyser housing.

  • Kiosk installations for cabinet analysers
  • On site installation and commissioning
  • Drawings to help you complete your site plans
Installation of our In-situ PBS Process buoy ammonia monitor, which does not require sample handling systems or kiosks can typically be completed within a couple of hours. We are happy to carry out installations, or to support contractors/clients with their own installation.

Envitech have many years of experience installing water and wastewater monitoring equipment in both industrial and municipal environments. We are Safe Contractor accredited and are able to produce Safety Method Statements and Risk Assessments for the work we carry out.

Data Handling, storage, processing, alarm and GSM options

Envitech can offer various options for transferring data generated from process analysers. Analogue and digital outputs are available with options for floppy disk data storage and GSM modem links.

Commission and training and maintenance contract options

Envitech provide optional training with installation and commissioning of analysers. In addition many customers opt for Envitech to provide a maintenance contract which can be tailored to customer requirements and the specific application.

Remote GSM and web-server telemetry support can also be provided which can be a significant time and cost saving option. Further training on instrumentation and software can be provided on request:

  • Commissioning and training for cabinet analysers
  • Commissioning and training for the PBS process buoy ammonia analyser and AmNiSys ammonia analyser
  • Commissioning and training for UV-Vis analysers and Spectrophotometers

Total care maintenance and support package

Increasingly users simply want to obtain data from process analysers and look to the supplier to operate the analyser itself. Due the low maintenance requirements of the analysers we supply, Envitech are able to offer very cost effective total tare maintenance packages:

  • Envitech will undertake to maintain, top up reagents if necessary and respond to instrument breakdowns - the user is not required to provide any specialised labour to operate the analysers at all.
  • Typically remote access via modem (GSM or other) may used with also options for SMS text messaging providing a real time link between Envitech and the analyser. Direct data link via the internet is also possible.

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Health & Safety issues

Health & safety issues are important considerations when dealing with analysis of contaminated samples such as waste water and process streams with sometimes unknown composition. Envitech has extensive experience of the supply of analysers for these type of applications and provides clear policy and procedures to minimise health and safety risks.

An overall Health & Safety policy can be supplied as well as specific information relevant to a specific process analyser.