Vortex Ultra Sample Filter

Vortex Ultra Filter
Sample filter for on-line analysers

sample filter


vortex sample filter

The Envitech Vortex Ultra Filteris an alternating vortex, cross flow, hollow fibre filament sample filter, with optional membrane auto-backwashing, giving high quality samples for on-line analysers measuring soluble compounds in the aqueous phase.

The filter is suitable for the following applications:

Primary Sedimentation Tank Effluent, Return Activated Sludge, Mixed Liquor, Secondary Effluent, Industrial Process Liquors, Industrial Effluents, River Waters and Potable Water Supplies


The ultra filter offers a low maintenance, self-cleaning solution to problematic sample streams. The self-cleaning flow cycle can be adjusted to suit the solids content of the effluent. The transparent body of the filter allows for easy inspection and monitoring. The filter uses standard socket union connectors making it easy to make inline connections.

sample filter

Hollow Fibre Membrane Cartridge


Filtrate Output - 6 months cleaning schedule possible


Filtration to below 0.05 micron.
Filtrate output ~ 90 ml/minute.
Membrane pressure range 0.1 to 0.6 bar.
Temperature range 5 to 35 oC.
pH range 3 to 11.




Requires suitable pump - check with Envitech for details

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