Anaerobic and Aerobic Respirometry

Anaerobic & Aerobic Respirometry

Applications Manual


A comprehensive collection of application studies using the Challenge AER200 range of respirometers.

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BM Respirometry for Practical and Efficient ASP Management


A document outlining how the Surcis range of respirometers may be used at different stages of the waste treatment process.

Industrial Water Adaption


Prior to using SURCIS respirometers, Celanese Enterprise had carried out several analytical studies of its' industrial wastewater to ascertain Toxicity levels and biodegradability when treated with activated sludge.
According to the bioassays and ecotoxicity results from laboratories, the levels of Toxicity in the wastewater were too high for a planned new biological treatment process for COD removal.

SURCIS, by means of its BM-T respirometer demonstrated however that after a controlled period of adaptation to the activated sludge, the wastewater not only lost its' Toxicity but also showed a high degree of biodegradability.