Specific Chemical

Analysers for Specific Chemical Measurement

Envitech can supply a range of instruments suitable for measuring specific chemical species. Some analysers are dedicated to one parameter whereas others may be configured to meet clients requirements, and may be either single or multi parameter instruments.

These include the following categories of instrument.

GO-Sys: BlueMon is a fully automatic, wet-chemical multichannel online analyser.
It detects trace concentrations of various chemicals in water. The system may be supplied preconfigured for a specific chemical or in generic form for configuration and programming by the user, making it an almost infinitely flexible device.

The Bluemon is also available with remote data connection for data download or system interrogation via a modem.

The GO-Sys_Powermon range of analysers is the latest generation of automatic online analysers.

Using spectroscopic and wet chemistry methods, these analysers can measure up to 6 parameters simultaneously. The Bluemon is also capable of remote connection.

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