Phosphate Analyser options

Phosphate Analysis for Ortho and Total Phosphate measurement

Total Phosphate

Envitech Ltd can offer phosphate analysis options for online real-time analysis of both Total Phosphate and Orthophosphate.

Online analysis is ideal for sensitive applications such as final effluent, and can also be used for cost-savings and optimisation of process control.

  • Phosphate analyser ideal for WWTP
  • Phosphate analyser equipment suitable for measuring Phosphate either in the process streams or in final effluent
  • Proven, robust analytical methods
  • Auto calibrating
  • Equipment may be installed in kiosk or free standing deployment for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Phosphate analyser for Total P , available in combination with Total N, TOC, COD combined in one multi-parameter analyser

Macherey Nagel Photometers

In addition to the option for continual measurement using phosphate analysis, Envitech Ltd are distributors for Macherey Nagel water and wastewater test kits comprising a range of test strips, photometers and other methods of measuring specific chemicals either in the field or in a laboratory environment.

Test kits offer cost-effective flexibility of measurement over a range of spot-sample sites.

The range of tests available includes quick and easy test papers, special kits developed to avoid the use of hazardous substances (VISOCOLOR ECO), and a range of photometric measuring devices ranging from hand-held such as the compact PF-12, to table-top devices such as the NANOCOLOR 500D, the NANOCOLOR VIS spectrophotometer and the NANOCOLOR UV/VIS spectrophotometer. Nanocolor test kits are available for a wide range of water and wastewater parameters, many of the test kits can be purchased for a specific measurement range, offering accuracy within a specific window.

Phosphate tests
Test Kits

Macherey Nagel are well established in Europe with 100 years of experience in analytical chemistry and a world-wide market. The Macherey Nagel quality system is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.