Water Company Framework Supply

submerged ammonia analyser water company framework
Self-calibrating In-situ Ammonia Analyser monitoring Final Effluent

Since 1997, Envitech have been framework suppliers of in-situ ammonia monitors for final effluent consent monitoring to Southern Water. As a result hundreds of ammonia monitors were supplied and in many cases are still running today. In 2003, we began a long-standing relationship supplying Severn Trent with in-situ ammonia and phosphate for both process and final effluent monitoring.

In 2007 we supplied Yorkshire water company under framework with in-situ ammonia and organic UV scanning monitors for inlet, process and final effluent monitoring. We have fostered long-term relationships with SouthWest water for the supply of in-situ ammonia and optical dissolved oxygen analysers since 2006.

ISE ammonia water company framework

ISE ammonia for inlet monitoring

We have been framework suppliers for many other water companies including Wessex Water, Welsh Water and Northumbrian Water company. The key to our success has been our innovative range of instruments, our understanding of the needs of the client, and our ability to be flexible enough to tailor solutions to suit our clients.

Auto-calibrating In-situ analysis requiring no installation kiosk, filtration or pumping system has been at the centre of our success in securing framework agreements. Our PBS ammonia analyser is easy to install requires very little infrastructure and keeps running costs to a minimum. The PBS is the ideal analyser for accurate measurements especially at low level, making it ideal for final effluent even with tight consent levels.

Envitech can also supply an ISE in-situ ammonia (AmNiSys) for monitoring inlets where fats and oils would normally make analysis problematic for the PBS gas-sensing technology. The AmNiSys provides accurate, reliable low-drift readings and is easy to calibrate on site. We can also supply reliable Macherey Nagel test kits with hand-held photometers for simple on-site calibration/validation.
Our optical dissolved oxygen analyser is solid-state and requires no replacement membrane. Whole life costs and energy savings are as important to us as they are to our clients. We are happy to work with clients and their contractors to provide instrumentation, consultancy and long-term support.

optical dissolved oxygen water company framework
Optical dissolved oxygen monitor