Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Total Organic Carbon Analysis

UV analyser

Multiparameter UV analyser


Go-Sys_ISA is a spectrometer working in the wavelength range of 200-720nm (UV-VIS). It is widely used to give calculated "COD" and "TOC" values - for example in the dairy industry. Other parameters can be measured simultaneously.  Click here for more information.

TOC test kits

TOC test kits

M&N test kits

Easy-to-use Macherey & Nagel photometers and test kits are available from Envitech in the UK. These allow field or lab based analysis of a range of water and wastewater parameters including TOC.

We can supply a full range of both hand-held and desk-top photometers, and test kits covering a huge array of parameters. Additionally, we can also supply all the accessories you will need to carry out the analyses for your application.

TOC analyser

TOC monitor


The new QuickTOCultra is a reagent free, and filter free Total Organic Carbon analyser. Based on a unique, patented, catalyst free thermal oxidation technique at 1,200°C it offers the ultimate solution for difficult waste water applications.

The unique injection system and salt trap options mean that the QuickTOCultra operates more accurately, across a wide measurement range and with less frequent maintenance than other TOC monitors.

TOC analyser

Airport TOC monitor


The QuickTOCairport has all the benefits and features described above, and is configured to measure Total Carbon, Total Organic Carbon, or Dissolved Organic Carbon compliant with ISO 8245, DIN EN 1484, and EPA 4151. Airport surface water and de-icing waste water needs to be continuously monitored - from an ecological as well as economic point of view.

By using reliable online measurement systems, high waste water charges can be avoided. The QuickTOCairport has been specifically designed to measure accurately in cold weather and warm weather conditions where the run-off pollution levels will vary over a wide range.

TOC analyser

Effluent TOC monitor


The QuickTOCeffluent is used to monitor a wide range effluents from Municipal and Industrial waste water treatment plants. It can be used for TOC and has the option of adding Total N within the same analyser.

With total thermal oxidation, variable frequency of measurement and a selection of fixed volume injection loops the QuickTOCeffluent is a straightforward,elegant and robust instrument for measuring True TOC in almost every type of final effluent.

TOC analyser

Condensate TOC monitor


The QuickTOCcondensate is used to protect boilers from contamination with carbon compounds. Coating of pipework with some compounds can reduce energy transfer efficiency, and carbon will turn to CO2 and carbonic acid. This will lead to corrosion.

Thermal combustion ensures that all the carbon is detected by the analyser. Special sample handling techniques are used because of the very low detection levels needed in this application.

TOC analyser

Quick TOC monitor


The QuickTOCuv is a Total Organic Carbon monitor using low-temperature UV-promoted, persulphate oxidation to convert organic carbon compounds to CO2.

This is then measured using a non-dispersive infrared detector to determine the TOC. The inorganic carbon is removed using acidification and gas sparging. This process can be omitted to give a total carbon measurement.

TOC analyser

Quick TOCtrace


LAR's TOC analyzer QuickTOCtrace is a reliable analyzer for the lowest measuring ranges, which uses uv oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination. This makes the QuickTOCtrace ideal for TOC measurement of (ultra-)pure water. It is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time - first results are available within 30 seconds.

Its comparatively low initial cost and, due to its robustness, low operating costs can increase the profitability of your manufacturing processes.


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