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Macherey Nagel Photometers from Envitech Ltd

Photometer Range from Macherey Nagel

Envitech Ltd are UK agents for Macherey Nagel photometers and water test equipment.

The Macherey Nagel range covers a wide range of parameters and methods of analysis including a range of Macherey Nagel photometers for field and lab use.

The range features the ultra-compact PF3 photometer currently available for five different applications - all you need for a defined range of tests. Also available, is the PF12 plus, a portable photometer capable of measuring the whole NANOCOLOR range. At the top of the range is the high specification UV VIS II with it's extended range of wavelengths for serious laboratory work.

There are also a range of simple test strips and VISOCOLOR visual tests requiring no additional equipment to carry out simple, accurate analysis.


The new compact photometer PF-3 is the smallest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to the Macherey Nagel product portfolio and perfectly fits the tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

The PF3 comes in 5 different configurations for specific application groups:

PF3 photometer

The individual photometers can measure a limited number of parameters related to their specific application. Each PF3 is like a cut-down simplified version of the PF12, (now PF12 plus) which can measure the complete range of Nanocolor water tests.


A new portable photometer for field and laboratory use. Complete in a case with manual, rechargeable batteries and charger. Based on the successful PF12 photometer, the PF12plus offers great value, unrivalled flexibility and new, unique features.

This compact hand-held photometric instrument reads VISOCOLOUR® ECO and NANOCOLOUR® tests for a wide range of water and waste-water parameters. These tests are programmed into the instrument during manufacture.

PF12 plus

The VISOCOLOUR® tests have proved themselves over many years of use in water and waste water plants. The PF12plus offers both an on-screen reading for measurement in the field, and also a USB interface for transfer of data to a PC or laptop. Results can be combined with a date stamp, sample number, dilution and location for easy data analysis.

Nanocolor_VIS II

  • Fully automatic, instant cuvette detection
  • 10 inch HD touch screen
  • Easy icon-based menu
  • Integrated turbidity check

The new NANOCOLOUR® VIS II from the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometers range is a powerful VIS spectrophotometer with monochromator (340-1100 nm) for universal use in all areas of water and wastewater analysis. This includes municipal and industrial wastewater, drinking water, process water, surface water, groundwater as well as cooling and boiler feed water. The NANOCOLOUR® VIS II is also the ideal test unit for quality control in various fields of industry, such as food and beverage industries.

macherey nagel spectrophotometer
VIS II spectrophotometer

Nanocolor UV/VIS II

  • High resolution scans
  • 10 inch 16:9 HD display
  • capacitive touch screen
  • Fast measurements
  • User friendly on-screen prompts
  • Easy, secure processing of data and spectra
macherey nagel photometers
UV VIS II spectrophotometer

The NANOCOLOUR® UV/Vis II from the new range of Macherey Nagel photometers, is a powerful spectrophotometer for use in all areas of water and wastewater monitoring. These include municipal and industrial wastewater; drinking water; process water; surface water; ground water; cooling and boiler water.

The instrument is primarily designed and programmed to read the Macherey Nagel test kits. It also has integrated colour and turbidity functions as well as being a high specification spectrophotometer with a wavelength range from 190- 1100nm. This makes it an ideal quality control instrument for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

NANOCOLOR VARIO heating blocks

Macherey Nagel have developed a range of heating blocks to use alongside the extensive range of macherey nagel photometers.

Heating blocks are essential for some of the tests including COD, metals, Total P etc..

The heating blocks NANOCOLOR® VARIO 4 and NANOCOLOR® VARIO C2 guarantee a fast and safe performance of all required sample digestions in water and wastewater analysis.

VARIO heating blocks

This varied range of heating blocks includes blocks designed specifically for Metals testing, and a portable unit for using on the road.
Thanks to its active cooling function, the new NANOCOLOR® VARIO HC features, in addition to its quick heating phase, an equally fast cool-down time. Thereby, the instrument provides an even faster sample digestion, which can lead to significant time-savings.

With the new NANOCOLOR® VARIO Mini, its compact size and flexible power supply, sample digestions on the road are no longer a challenge.


The QUANTOFIX Relax is a revolutionary step in test strip analysis. The new system from Macherey Nagel offers an entirely objective way to read Quantofix test strips, making the system particularly suitable if results are critical to your decision making.The system simplifies testing procedures and the decision processes by eliminating the subjectivity of visual readings and by providing higher accuracy.

If you test large numbers of strips the Quantofix Relax helps and supports you with easy data administration and quick testing procedures. Additionally it also allows you to get actual quantitative results - no gradation and estimation of in-between values is necessary. The Quantofix Relax can change the way you work and test, enabling you to focus on your core processes.

LabSys Relax test strip reader

It is the perfect tool for your testing procedures. Current parameters covered are particularly relevant to the food and drink industry for monitoring sterilisation products and additives. Extra parameters will be added according to customer demand.


  • Auto Start - select test, dip the strip & insert
  • Graphic display
  • Touch Screen for test selection and sample ID
  • USB and RS232 connectivity
  • Integral silent printer for hard copy
  • Data storage for up to 200 measurements


  • Highest Precision
  • Objective readings removing operator influence
  • No external light effects
  • Immediate print outs
  • Data transfer to computer for archiving

Some of the tests currently available





10-350 mg/l NH4+


QUANTOFIX Ascorbic acid

50-1000 mg/l vitamin C



2-80 mg/l NO2-


QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 50 CE

5-50 mg/l Peracetic acid


QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 500 CE

50-500 mg/l Peracetic acid


QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 2000 CE

500-2000 mg/l Peracetic acid


QUANTOFIX Peroxide 25

0.5 - 25 mg/l H202


QUANTOFIX Peroxide 100 CE

1-100 mg/l H202


QUANTOFIX Peroxide 1000

50-1000 mg/l H202


PH Fix 6.0 - 10.0

pH 6.0 - 10.0



Two optional accessories to use with Photometers:


Calibration Cuvette