Water Monitoring

oil in water monitoring

Oil detection


Toxicity in Water

Daphnia TOX

Algae in water detection

Algae Monitoring

Abstraction from rivers, reservoirs or bore holes should be protected from accidental, malicious, or naturally occurring pollutants, in order to safeguard both process integrity and customer safety. Envitech supplies a variety of water monitoring instruments which protect people and processes . These include Floating and soluble oil monitors , on line algae monitors capable of detecting total and blue-green algae, fish, algae, bacterial and Daphnia toximeters for non specific toxin detection, and in situ multi wavelength UV/VIS spectral absorption detection for specific compound fingerprinting.

portable-turbidity water monitoring



Envitech, in conjunction with a major UK contractor, have developed a rugged portable turbidity monitor for attachment to distribution mains when flushing after remedial works, thus minimising time and water wastage.

Our remit was to develop a rugged, portable flow-cell design with cost-effective and robust data-logging. This was achieved using a flow-cell with integrated sensor, and using a transmitter with integrated SD card data logging (previous instrumentation required a laptop to be connected during flushing to record data)



UV254 and COD/TOC surrogates are useful on line tools in water treatment processes for: Early warning of disinfection by-product formation; Detection of accidental or intentional drinking water contamination; Detection of GAC filter break through; Membrane rupture detection; UV Dose control & Abstraction quality assessment. In addition multiparameter detection for Cl, turbidity, ORP and pH are essential for successful operation. Envitech can supply a variety of instruments to meet these water monitoring needs.

TOC analyser

Quick TOCtrace


LAR's TOC analyzer QuickTOCtrace is a reliable analyzer for the lowest measuring ranges, which uses uv oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination. This makes the QuickTOCtrace ideal for TOC measurement of (ultra-)pure water. It is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time - first results are available within 30 seconds.

Its comparatively low initial cost and, due to its robustness, low operating costs can increase the profitability of your manufacturing processes.