Envitech offers a extensive range of monitoring equipment for water and wastewater applications:


Parameters supplied include water and wastewater parameters for process control and compliance. Envitech Ltd supply cabinet analysers, in-situ probes and photometers/test kits for water and wastewater parameter measurement. We are also able to install, service and maintain all of the equipment that we supply.

Envitech have sourced products with a range of parameters for water and wastewater applications in the UK market. The following parameters are included in our range of online and in-situ analysers:

in-situ nitrate and ammonia
AmNiSys multi-parameter

Ammonia - Phosphate - Nitrate - Toxicity - Dissolved Oxygen - Suspended Solids - Oil - Algae - pH/Redox/ORP

Additionally, we can supply test kits for spot sampling from the Macherey Nagel range of tests and photometers. Tests include dip tests and tube tests that can be judged by eye, or used in conjunction with a photometer for increased accuracy.

Carbon load

Carbon and Oxygen Demand parameters including:

Envitech Ltd supply a range of online analysers for a wide variety of applications from LAR in Germany. These analysers are used extensively in the UK and throughout the world.

Lab and Field

A range of versatile instruments for use in a laboratory environment, and portable instruments for field work including:

Our range of portable instruments complement our online analysers. Often we use portable instruments for verification purposes. Along with the Macherey Nagel range of photometers and test kits, we can supply hand-held instruments for Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids and Algae detection etc..

portable analysis