Envitech Ltd has been involved in providing innovative monitoring solutions to a variety of water and wastewater monitoring applications for over 25 years.

Primarily involved in monitoring wastewater in both industrial and municipal scenarios, here below are some examples of solutions that we have provided for various application areas.

We continue to seek and develop innovative ways to work within our field of expertise. Envitech have a great deal of water monitoring experience across a wide variety of instrumentation and able to provide bespoke solutions when required. Our good relationships with suppliers enable us to work together to produce the right product for a specific application. Envitech have gained a lot of experience in online monitoring specifically. More recently, we have been able to offer spot-sampling solutions through the Macherey Nagel range of water test-kits.

Since 2012, we have established our own production line for the PBS ammonia monitor which is used widely in UK wastewater treatment works.

River and Marine
Bespoke Solutions