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Macherey Nagel test kits


For some years now Envitech have supplied the UK market with photometers and water test kits from the Macherey Nagel range. We use the the Macherey Nagel kit ourselves for verification of readings both in our production laboratory, and in the field for equipment calibration.

It was a completely natural progression for us to start supplying our customer base with the same equipment that we use ourselves. Test kits complement our range of waste water monitoring equipment both as an expansion of our product base to appeal to more customers, and as an additional service for customers who would normally buy analysers or samplers.

Macherey Nagel test kits

3 broad ranges of test kits are supplied:

Nanocolor - these test kits come in pre-prepared test tubes with reagents and are available for a very wide range of parameters suitable for all types of applications. The Nanocolor range require the use of a photometer in order to 'read' the parameter values. As you might expect, Macherey Nagel supply a range of photometers too - varying from the easy-to-use hand held 'PF' series to the 'UV-vis' lab photometer.

Visocolor - these kits offer an option for analysis without a photometer (although many of them can also be used that way). A visocolor kit can be supplies with a colour chart for the user to compare results.

It is important that the chart is ordered with the kit if it is to be used this way, otherwise a photometer will be needed. Please note that production of these charts is very precise to allow accurate comparison - you can't 'download' a chart because each printer will use its' own colour palette which would affect the results.

Macherey Nagel Quantofix

Test strips - some tests are supplied as simple to use test strips similar to the familiar pH strips that we have all used at some time. The Quantofix range offers a variety of 'dip and read' tests for a specific range of applications. Additionally, for increased accuracy and repeatability, there is also a 'reader' available for the quantofix range. Using the Macherey Nagel 'Relax' test strip reader not only takes away any possibility of mis-reading of the test, it also allows you to record results via an inbuilt printer or via USB connectivity. Needless to say, the Relax system is particularly useful where multiple testing is required and stringent auditing of data and procedures is required.

Macherey Nagel Photometers

Macherey Nagel PF12 portable photometer

Starting with the PF3. Macherey Nagel have tailored a wide range of photometers to meet all sorts of needs. The PF3 is produced with specific industries in mind, there is one for swimming pools, one for drinking water, one for measuring COD and at least currently another two available at the time of writing. Each PF3 measures parameters relevant to it's chosen designation, and is small enough to carry around a plant in your pocket. The PF12 in contrast is a little bigger although still portable. The PF12 is probably the most popular photometer due to it's portability and affordability coupled with the huge range of tests it can read from the Nanocolor and Visocolor range.

Macherey Nagel also offer a range of laboratory equipment for use in a 'table top' environment. The 500D, the Nanocolor Vis and the UV-Vis form part of the range along with heater blocks and sundry equipment needed to complete testing in a lab. Envitech also offer a 'tailor-made' option for the PF12 which includes a carry-case, a PF12, test kits and sundry kit so that a PF12 can be carried to site and measurements can easily be carried out without a need for lab or power supply.

Heating Blocks

Sample digestion is a vital step in photometric water analysis for parameters such as COD, Total P and Total Fe. Macherey Nagel have produced a comprehensive range of heating blocks with features to suit every application. These range from the new NANOCOLOR VARIO mini which can be powered via a 12V source (IE. a car or van), to the VARIO HC featuring fast digestion and fast cooling which could lead to significant time-savings. The full range includes:


Give us a call about your test kit needs and we will be able to tailor a package that suits your particular application, or arrange a demonstration of the kit either at our premises or yours.

Nanocolor APP

Macherey Nagel have launched an app which can scan an MN barcode giving the user access to details about the test, MSDS instruction leaflets and pictograms delivered straight to your mobile device. This App can even tell you the expiry date of your test kits simply by scanning the code. Analytical interferences and compliance with ISO is also included in the downloadable instructions for each test.

Macherey Nagel app

You can download the App for free from the App Store or Google Play via the Macherey Nagel website, or search for 'nanocolor'.