Sealegs 2 Project



Envitech sponsors the re-launch of the Sealegs Disabled sailing access project helping to provide a new Catamaran boat based in the Milford Haven Estuary.

The local community provides crew and experienced skippers and local businesses are helping with providing suitable berth and fuel for trips.

The Catamaran Pinafore joins the monohull Verity K donated by the Disabled Sailors Association for trips in the Milford Haven area - see for more info.


Rothamsted Research Site


Envitech have installed 15 Bluemon TP analysers at the Rothamsted Research site located in Devon.

With continued support of servicing and maintenance we will confidently help acheive accurate Phopshate analysis to contribute to the good work this organisation do.

PBS - Process Buoy System

Envitech continue to service and maintain the PBS which is still in operation on many sites throughout the UK.

The upcoming latest version, the "PBS3", is close to replacing the existing product and will improve the accuracy of the measurement as well as be a much more user-friendly system.