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Equipment for monitoring River, Marine and Reservoir Environments.

Envitech stock a wide variety of monitoring solutions including on-line analysis, lab equipment, hand held devices and test kit for spot-sampling. In many cases a combination of approaches may be utilised to good effect. We use a combination of the Macherey Nagel photometers and test kits for verification in many cases, and we would encourage our clients to do the same.

In some cases, it might be preferable to use on of our hand-held devices as a verification tool - this is particularly true of the 3100 dissolved oxygen analyser and the 3150 MLSS monitor manufactured by Insite IG in the United States.

Envitech Ltd are able to independently select suitable equipment from a wide range of manufacturers around the world as we are not affiliated to any larger group. Please get in touch with details of your application and let us match you up with equipment best suited to your requirements.