Ammonia Monitoring

We can measure Ammonia in water in different ways using different methods. Envitech Ltd can supply 'in-situ' and cabinet analysers as well as field/lab test kits for ammonia monitoring.

For more information about ammonia/ammonium, NH3, NH4, NH4-N and how they are measured, please click here.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for ammonia monitoring - we have listed our most popular solutions to ammonia monitoring problems on this page, but we have other options that may be more suited to your application.

In-situ Monitoring

Envitech supply both the PBS and the AmNiSys for monitoring final-effluent ammonia at WasteWater Treatment Works around the UK. The AmNiSys is also suitable to measure at a works inlet as it is not affected by fats and grease. We have also successfully deployed the PBS in aeration lanes. In-situ monitoring has the advantages of online measurement without needing additional works on site such as a sample pumping system or a kiosk. Our two in-situ systems are deployed directly into the sample stream, with data available both locally in a visual display fixed on site, and via analogue signaling to a local SCADA network.

PBS ammonia analyser:

The PBS has been selling throughout the UK for more than twenty years - there are hundreds of sites throughout Southern Water region and Severn Trent Water region that have at least one PBS on site.

We have also sold successfully to Yorkshire Water and Anglian Water. Many of the original analysers have been carefully maintained and are still running today, whilst we continue to develop, manufacture and supply new monitors.

The main advantages of the PBS are:

  • Ammonia GSE electrode provides close correlation to laboratory methods - batch process carries out 'wet-chemistry' analysis.
  • Auto-calibration (usually daily) ensures accuracy
  • Use of caustic reagent helps to reduce biological fouling
In situ ammonia monitoring
In situ ammonia monitoring

AmNiSys Ammonia Analyser:

Primarily used for ammonia analysis, the AmNiSys is a multi-parameter instrument able to measure Nitrate, pH and temperature as well as interferences such as Potassium and Chloride.

The AmNisys is a simple and robust system, lightweight and easy to install. It uses an ISE electrode which can be easily verified and calibrated on site.

We often supply a compressed air cleaning system with the AmNiSys, although on final effluent applications, it may not be needed. We can also provide a 'turn-key' system with the transmitter and cleaning compressor provided wired into a weatherproof housing ready to be installed on site.

The main selling points of the AmNiSys are:

  • Low cost system with easy maintenance.
  • Multi-parameter options
  • Suitable for inlet applications
ammonia monitor
AmNiSys ammonia Transmitter

Field and Lab tests

Where online measurement is not required and spot-sampling will suffice, Envitech can supply a comprehensive range of test kits and photometers from Macherey Nagel.

Some of the test kits are visual and require only a colour chart (The VISOCOLOR range). However the NANOCOLOR range need to be read with a photometer. The photometers range from small hand-held units which measure a few specific parameters, through to a range of desk-top photometers for use in a laboratory.

MN Photometers

The PF3 photometers are designed to suit specific industry applications such as drinking water and fisheries etc.. These a low-cost portable units ideally suited to measuring a few specific tests across your site. The PF12 plus is also portable but capable of reading the whole range of NANOCOLOR tests. The PF12 plus is like having a whole laboratory in your tool bag.

Macherey Nagel also have a range of QUANTOFIX test papers and test-strips - quick and easy visual tests including pH test papers. Included in this range is an automatic reader for test-strips which can help you accurately read the test and log the results.

ammonia monitoring test kits
water test kits

Macherey Nagel are a well-established global supplier established in Germany in 1911. The Macherey Nagel quality system is certified to ISO 9001-2008. Each Macherey Nagel test kit box carries a QR code which can be read by a freely-available app. The QR code links to certification for that specific test batch as well as MSDS and pictograms showing how to carry out the test.