Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

Process Control

Real time WWTP process control using sensors to measure key parameters at the inlet, in-process and outlet is now possible. The benefits of such measurement are improved treatment efficiency, reduced costs and protection from shock loadings.

Shock BOD loading at WWTP

Being able to detect rapid changes in BOD loading using an on-line BOD monitor can be a valuable control tool.

Shock Loading

Process Design

Increasing use of sophisticated software models such as GPSx highlights the need for improved data. A model is only as good as the data fed into it. On-line sensors, such as on-line BOD, COD or TOC analysers or In-Situ Ammonia or DO sensors can generate a dynamic, 24 hour picture of inputs and outputs.

There are many examples of instrumentation used to good effect in Process Control:

On-line BOD at inlet and outlet of High rate Bio-filter to monitor treatment efficiency, Controlling an SBR using In-Situ Ammonia MeasurementAssessment of plant performance using respirometers Summary: Laboratory respirometers with multiple sample bottles can be used for a rapid indicator of treatibility and potential source of Toxic Input.