Algae Differentiation

In-situ Algae Monitor

Total Chl-a, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, Algal class determination for river, lake, potable processes, and marine environments.

Two instruments ranges are available, those from BBE and those from Trios. Both use Algal fluorescence as the measuring principle. The BBE instruments are more sophisticated and give a greater amount of information with greater discrimination, whereas the Trios units are simpler, and lighter, but have less resolution.


This is a submersible probe for the detection and logging of total algae and differentiation into 4 classes (green, blue/green, cryptophytes,dinophyceae. It is ideal for profiling water columns in marine or fresh water bodies and for long term deployments. The Fluoroprobe has an auto-logging feature for data and is capable of carrying out very rapid analysis.

benthic algae monitor


The Bentho-fluor is an adaptation of the fluoroprobe, allowing the determination of algal populations on benthic surfaces. The bentho-fluor uses fibre optic technology in a submersible adaptation to measure attached algae.

benthic algae monitor


The algae torch uses the same detection principles as the fluoroprobe but uses only 3 excitation LEDs rather than 6. It may be used as a hand held or submersible probe and includes logging, visual LCD, and local set up via touch sensitive pads. It is ideal for all those responsible for monitoring bathing waters and abstractions, giving virtually instant indications of total and toxic blue green algae concentrations.

in-situ algae monitor


An algae monitor instrument for continuous chlorophyll and photosynthetic activity determination. This unit can be deployed in the field in a measuring station, or is equally at home in a laboratory environment. It uses a total of 9 measurands to determine Algae. The special patterns of algal fluorescence (fingerprints) are used in bbe fluorometers for the qualification of different algae classes.

online algae monitor


The AlgSys_Guard continuous online fluorometer is a simplified version of the online Algae monitor from bbe Moldaenke. Determines distinction of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), diatoms and cryptophytes in a flow-through chamber. The AlgaeGuard is designed as a "plug and play" instrument, i.e. measurements are carried out automatically using predefined parameter settings. Continuous configuration by the operator is not necessary. Maintenance is as low as 1 hour per month. Parameters can be changed using the external bbe PC software if necessary.

simple online algae monitor