multi-parameter analyser
GoSys Multiparameter

GO-Sys_bluesense is a simple to use, multi-functioning touch screen multiparameter controller that can control up to 4 sensors.

The bluesense can log data at predefined intervals to an SD card, and can be powered from mains voltage, low voltage or batteries. The system can be configured for a range of analogue and digital outputs.

Parameters include:

  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • ORP
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Conductivity

InsiteIG _multiparameter

The InsiteIG_mpa multi-channel analyser is a unique system combining advanced electronics with solid-state optical sensors and is the latest innovation from InsiteIG.

This unit sits alongside the already well-established single-parameter, dual parameter and hand-held Insite IG units. The MPA-48 multi-parameter analyser will accept 4 to 8 inputs from any combination of:

  • SS (low-range or standard-range Suspended Solids)
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • ORP

Additionally, any of the sensors listed above can be fitted to the any of the Insite IG range of transmitters including the Single Channel Analyser (SCA) or the Dual Channel Analyser (DCA).

ph, DO, SS and ORP
InsiteIG Multiparameter
hand held dissolved oxygen

To complement the fixed-site analyser system, Insite have developed their hand-held analyser range to incorporate pH and ORP using the same sensors.

The new IPM portable monitor can be fitted with any one of the range of available sensors.

Sensors can be simply swapped on the IPM logger and it will automatically detect a new sensor and it's parameter. Click the links for further information.

This new range introduced in 2019 supersedes the previous single-parameter instruments, the 3100 (dissolved oxygen) and the 3150 (suspended solids).