Environmental Applications

Instrumentation provided by Envitech Ltd is utilised to good effect in many different municipal, industrial and environmental applications.

Our range of environmental monitoring equipment covers many different industry sectors for where wastewater and process water needs accurate and reliable measurement.

As an independent supplier, we are able to offer a wide range of instrumentation from various manufacturers around the world. We watch the industry carefully to make sure that we are always able to offer exciting and innovative solutions to water and wastewater problems.

Envitech are particularly experienced in providing solutions for wastewater treatment works in both the municipal and industrial sector. We can supply online monitoring, hand-held loggers and test kits/photometers for spot-sampling across a great range of parameters. We have had many years of experience providing instrumentation to monitor airport run-off. Having worked closely with Water companies such as Severn Trent and Southern Water, we have been able to supply Final-Effluent and Process Ammonia Monitors to hundreds of UK WWT Works. We are able to supply and install equipment as well as provide a repair and maintenance service.

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Industry Wastewater Process
Effluent Water River and Lake