Algal Measurement

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This is bbe's unique method of algae class differentiation

The two core areas of our expertise are firstly spectrofluorometers for chlorophyll analysis and, what is essential, the recording of algae classes and secondly real-time early warning systems, so-called toximeters. In this area, bbe Moldaenke is the international market leader.

This video is about the first core area - how our instruments are measuring the content of algae in water, with simultanious differentiation of algae classes.

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The Algae Torch - deceptively simple, reliably accurate tool for measuring algal populations

  • Measures Total Chlorophyl and cyanobacteria (Blue/Green algae) using fluorescence
  • Probe is handheld or submersible - including logging and a visual LCD
  • Ideal for checking on bathing waters and abstractions

BenthoTorch  - deceptively simple, reliably accurate tool for measuring benthic algal populations

  • Measures cyanobacteria (Blue/Green algae) green algae and diatoms using fluorescence
  • Probe includes logging and a visual LCD
  • Ideal for measuring water status for the Water Framework Directive

Algae Lab Analyser  - Cost Effective, accurate laboratory instrument for measuring algae in water samples

  • Measures green algae; blue-green algae-cyanobacteria; Brown algae - diatoms and dinoflagellates; and crptophytes using fluorescence
  • No sample preparation needed
  • Automatic yellow substances compensation