Biomonitoring Toxicity

Toxicity Monitors On-line and laboratory analysis techniques

Toxicity covers a wide range of possible contaminants, and it is possible for us to measure it with a variety of different techniques. We can use respirometry rates to determine negative effects on life-forms, hence the inclusion of our RespSys system below. bbe-Moldaenke specialise in algal monitors, and have on-line and cuvette systems for algal detection and differentiation.

bbe-Moldaenke also offer specialised Toxicity monitors using live detection by monitoring fish activity, or by monitoring the activity of daphnia. Toxicants of different characteristics such as pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals etc. can affect a cell’s integrity and membrane function or cell respiration.

bbe Algae Toximeter II

The bbe Algae Toximeter continuously monitors water for the presence of toxic substances. Standardised algae are mixed with the sample water and the instrument detects the photosynthetic activity of the algae. Damage to the algae, caused e.g. by herbicides, causes a reduction in algae activity and activates an alarm above a predefined threshold.

The current version of the bbe Algae Toximeter works with a double test loop for sample incubation, short measuring intervals and a PC for online data analysis. An alternative version of the Algae Toximeter enables the incubation of the sample within the measuring chamber without sample loops thus resulting in less maintenance with longer measurement cycles.

herbicide and pesticide toxicity monitors

herbicide and pesticide toxicity monitors
daphnia toxicity monitors
Daphnia Toxicity monitor

bbe Daphnia Toximeter & ToxProtect64

Highly sensitive toxicity measurement technique. You can continuously record and analyse the movement of daphnia using Daphnia toxicity monitors. The analyser can be fed with "source" or "test" water. bbe-Moldaenke developed this monitor because daphnia behaviour can be directly linked to toxicity levels and provide an early warning system.

Similarly, the ToxProtect 64 monitors the activity of 10 fish (4-6cm each) in an aquarium which forms part of the analyser.


The AlgSys_ALA is a laboratory algal monitor from bbe Moldaenke capable of measuring algal activity. As such, you can use it to assess the effects of discharges on the viability of suspended aquatic algae. Ideal for testing potential agrochemical effluents prior to discharge. You can use the cuvette system to allow multiple samples to be collected and analysed as a batch. This might include samples from several sites, or samples from various depths at a single site.

algal toxicity monitor
Algal Toxicity monitor
respirometer toxicity monitors


Envitech can supply respirometer systems from our 'Respirometers' range for aerobic or anaerobic applications.

We can supply systems designed to perform dedicated tasks as well as multi-purpose systems which can be used for a variety of applications.

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