Effluent monitoring

Effluent Monitoring


final effluent monitoring

Ammonia Monitoring


Envitech Ltd specialise in a range of online continuous measurement water, and wastewater monitors. We also carry a comprehensive range of test kits for water and wastewater to suit both municipal and industrial applications.

Ammonia, Solids, DO, pH, Temperature, TOC, COD or BOD may all be monitored online for your effluent quality audit. Quality audits may be needed either to prove compliance with consent or to divert flow to temporary storage.

For many years, Envitech have been at the forefront of developing monitoring solutions for the water industry.

A proven track record of effluent monitoring with a variety of devices and in different applications has given us a unique depth of knowledge and experience.

BOD effluent monitoring

BOD monitoring

We also feature a range of instrumentation designed for algae-detection for fresh water and bathing water monitoring applications. We specialise in custom built multiparameter cabinets bringing together a range of instrumentation in a single housing.

final effluent monitoring

Dissolved Oxygen with cleaning

Our Dissolved Oxygen cabinets can be designed to integrate a system of timed cleaning and 'on demand' cleaning via a simple push button. In either case, measurement is 'held' during cleaning to prevent interference.

We use a transmitter unit from MJK for these systems, combined with the unique OEM Dissolved Oxygen sensor from INSITE IG. The MJK transmitter is compact and easy to use with excellent configuration options. The system can be supplied as pictured with a cleaning compressor integrated into the housing.