Data Access

Data Access & Hosting Services

Envitech can provide flexible solutions for both local and remote data access requirements.

These include :

  • Local Data logging with direct download and wireless download options
  • Local data output using analog / digital comms with options for Profibus and other digital comms protocols - please contact us for your specific requirements.
  • Remote Data access to instrument transmitters for remote maintenance, calibration , alarms and data download capability
  • Remote Data display on web-server for ease of data access at any site with email / text alarm capability and interactive data update facility
  • Remote Data Hosting with csv / spreadsheet download facility
  • Use of Fixed IP Cellular data access results in simple and flexible installation
  • Bespoke web data display options
  • Battery and solar powered options

Remote Web-Server Data Access

TOC analyser
  • GSM/GPRS web access for logged analyser data
  • SMS alarm text messaging
  • Email alarm messaging

The Web-server Data Module allows remote access.  Any system using a web browser can have access to analyser data.

Data can be downloaded to a local device and an SMS text message / email alarm option is also available.

Go System BlueGate

The Internet service BlueGate from Go Systems allows monitoring of your measured data from on any device equipped with a Web browser.

A Bluegate enabled device can transfer data via LAN, Ethernet or GPRS. Bluegate is designed to work in conjunction with the GoSys BlueBox and BlueSense transmitters. A number of sensors can be connected either physically or via radio signals to the GoSys system. GoSys devices can be configured to create a network of sensors, data can then be accessed remotely via the BlueGate service.

Remote Data


Envitech’s Remote logging and Data transfer Telemetry System utilises cellular GSM or GPRS comms to transmit water quality data automatically to the customer at set intervals.

The system is designed for ease-of-use with no programming required by the customer. We can configure each system in advance to collect and transmit data at the customer’s specified intervals.