Dissolved Oxygen Monitors

Dissolved Oxygen monitors

optical dissolved oxygen
Solid state sensor

Envitech offers a range of optical Dissolved Oxygen monitors for process, wastewaters and natural watercourses. These Optical DO sensors are of an innovative design with No membranes or caps. This means No consumables costs, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

optical dissolved oxygen
No consumable costs

This type of sensor is simpler to maintain and is more robust because of the solid state technology. The range of instrumentation using this method includes fixed site and hand-held devices for use in many different applications.

For your copy of a WRC study of the performance of the DO sensor click here.

InsiteIG_SCA / DCA

Insite IG produce a range of fixed-site analysers specifically designed for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. The latest generation of instrumentation from Insite can be connected with any of the range of Insite sensors.

The range comprises a Single Channel transmitter, a Dual Channel transmitter and a Multi-Parameter transmitter capable of connecting to 8 sensors in total.

dissolved oxygen analyser
Single Channel Analyser

The Model 10 dissolved oxygen sensor utilises an optical technique that does not consume oxygen - giving a significant advantage compared with electrochemical sensors in slow moving waters. The resulting system gives unrivalled performance without any consumable costs whatsoever.

Cleaning can be automated, meaning that servicing costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Periodic verification can easily be carried out on site using the hand-held unit (see below).


The InsiteIG_3100 portable dissolved oxygen monitor has been superseded by the new IPM logger. The IPM is state of the art, and easy to use providing many benefits to the plant operations staff.

Exactly the same technology as employed in the Fixed site analysers, is used in the hand-held equivalent. This portable instrument can be left dry in a carry case on a shelf. Once the battery is recharged, it will immediately be ready to be used again - no cell-refurbishment required, no need to keep the sensor wet.

portable dissolved oxygen monitors
Portable monitor
  • fluorescence sensor technology
  • no membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges
  • sensor does not have to remain moist because if the solid state technology
  • data logging with optional direct downloading to your PC
  • no need for site calibration because calibration is factory programmed

This new hand-held device can be used with an array of different sensors including Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids. The sensors are interchangeable and auto-recognised by the logging software.

Click the links or the photo to see more details. The older versions (3100 and 3150) were discontinued at the end of 2018.