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Sampling Site Analysis Applications For Quality Assurance, Cost Savings Income Generation

Anaerobic Digestion Protection Optimization

  • Maximize energy production
  • Minimize toxic import risk
  • Control Loading
  • Monitor important chemical parameters (metal, NH3, COD, Alkalinity, organic acids and more)

To get the most out of your digesters whilst maintaining security of treatment and quality of product requires greater vigilance than before. Robust screening protocols, which are simple, quick and relatively cheap to implement, are essential. Envitech can assist by providing suitable equipment. Quantofix test strips for: pH, Zn, Fe, Ni, Cr, NH3, NO3, SO4 + more 500D Photometer + heating block for COD other parameters. AER 200 or Quickscan Anaerobic respirometers for gas/methane production potential and toxicity screening of imports.


Land Remediation and Tip Sites

  • Site sampling of Leachate or Runoff
  • Soil activity
  • Site/Process chemical analysis

Are all necessary for tip or remediation site management. Envitech can provide a package of equipment to meet these requirements and satisfy your needs:

The VAMPIRE hand held battery driven sampler is ideal for subsurface liquid sampling from drains.
The QUICKSCAN_S measures respirometric demand of solid sample thus indicating the health of remediated soil samples.
The PF12 photometer and nanocolour on liquid samples, e.g. Ammonium, Thiocyanate, Cyanide, COD, Lead, Iron, Copper, Chromate & many more.

Metal Finishing Process Control

  • Sample tanks, barrels, & effluents
  • Monitors plating concentrations
  • Monitor wash waters & effluents

Envitech can supply a large variety of manual sampling devices ideal for either process or effluent sampling. Quick easy and cheap QA check may be made by operators using the Quantofix test strips for pH, Cu, Ni, Zn, Fe etc. If required more accurate analysis is available using the Nanocolour tube tests and one of the four available photometers or spectrophotometers. Automatic 24hr sampling of effluents is available with our SampSysF/P range of samplers.

MN photometers
Macherey Nagel Photometers