Aqueous Phase Parameters Index

Envitech supply a wide range of both portable, and fixed site continuous monitors for a large number of water and wastewater parameters used in applications such as:


The main parameters that we can measure are listed below, we can also offer multi-parameter analysers. Analysers come in many different forms, we can supply 'wet-chemical' cabinet analysers, in-situ or hand-held devices. We also offer a range of photometers and test tube kits for spot-testing for specific contaminants.

We are more than happy to help identify the best way to measure specific parameters in different applications

You can either Fill in our Application Survey contact form to let us know more details about your monitoring requirements, or check our analyser comparison tables:

LAR process analysers

LAR process analyser

LAR analysers are suitable for a wide range of applications and can measure a wide range of parameters. In many cases, multiple parameters can be measured with the same instrument. Please check out both our LAR 'parameter' table and 'application' table, to help identify the instrument best suited to your needs.

Parameter Index: