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Insite IPM

portable meter

Insite Instrumentation Group have had great success with their Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids sensors in both fixed site and portable devices.

The sensors use solid state technology and require no on-going expenditure for consumables.

Having first developed fixed online systems for monitoring Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids in Mixed liquor applications, Insite went on to develop hand held portable versions (Insite 3100 and 3150).

Since then, further development has led to the 'IPM' (InsiteIG Portable Meter). This meter can be connected to the sensors associated with the 3100 and 3150 along with other sensors to extend the capability of the instrument. The new monitor is able to measure and log:

dissolved oxygen
DO Sensor
suspended solids
SS Sensors
pH/ORP Sensors

Sensors are interchangeable, so a single portable meter can be used with any mix of sensors to suit the application. InsiteIG have developed the 'PortCaddie' alongside the new sensors giving the user a convenient way of managing the sensor cable whilst offering a degree of protection to the sensor and the meter itself.

Improvements in software allow the new meter to log 250 data points, and provide better data management and download options.

  • single sensor channel
  • automatic sensor configuration
  • sensor connector
  • backlit graphical LCD display
  • UV protected display
  • temp. range: -10°C to 60°C
  • watertight enclosure
  • 8+ hr. rechargeable battery
  • 250 point data logger

The IPM can connect to the following Sensors:

Insite IPM
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