Online BOD/COD/TOC/UV254 Waste Water Analysis

Envitech has a paper outlining the meaning and measurement of BOD, COD TOC and UV254.To see an abstract and download a copy please click here


Biomonitor for BOD

Biological Oxygen Demand

BioMonitor is an on-line analyser for continuous BOD measurement in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Rapid BOD measurement is continuous and on-screen within a few minutes. The real-time BOD data correlates well with five-day BOD5 laboratory results. The LAR BioMonitor is used widely within wastewater treatment plants. Please click the links or get in touch to find out more.

COD monitor


Chemical Oxygen Demand

Envitech Ltd offers a range of instruments for measuring COD, the image and brochure on the left relate to just one of the options available. We can offer cabinet analysers for pumped samples, in-situ monitoring and test kits for laboratory or field analysis. Click a link for more information or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

total organic carbon monitoring

Total Organic Carbon

Total Organic Carbon

Envitech Ltd also offer a range of instruments to measure total organic carbon, again these include cabinet analyers, a number of in situ multi-parameter monitoring devices that include TOC in their suite of measurements. Of course Envitech offer test kits for laboratory or field analysis of discrete samples.

organic carbon analysis

GOSystem ISA


The GO-Sys ISA is calibrated to provide readings of many parameters - primarily Chemical Oxygen Demand and Total Organic Carbon. A reagent free calculated value can a useful measurement option. The GO-Sys ISA nicely complements the wet chemical analysers - providing a different measurement technique. Of course Envitech offer Total Organic Carbon test kits for laboratory or field analysis of discrete samples.

We are more than happy to help identify the best way to measure specific parameters in different applications


You can either Fill in our Application Survey contact form to let us know more details about your monitoring requirements, or check our analyser comparison tables:

LAR analysers are suitable for a wide range of applications and can measure a wide range of parameters. In many cases, multiple parameters can be measured with the same instrument. Please check out both our LAR 'parameter' table and 'application' table, to help identify the instrument best suited to your needs.