Online BOD/COD/TOC/UV254 Waste Water Analysis

Envitech has a paper outlining the meaning and measurement of BOD, COD TOC and UV254.To see an abstract and download a copy please click here


The GO-Sys ISA is calibrated to provide readings of many parameters - primarily Chemical Oxygen Demand and Total Organic Carbon. A reagent free calculated value can a useful measurement option. The GO-Sys ISA nicely complements the wet chemical analysers - providing a different measurement technique.

organic carbon analysis
GOSystem ISA

Photometers and Test Kits

Nanocolor test kits

Envitech offer a range of photometers, ancillaries and test kits from German manufacturer, Macherey Nagel. The Nanocolor range includes:

Total Organic Carbon

Biological Oxygen Demand

Chemical Oxygen Demand

Many of the parameters measured using the Nanocolor kits only require a pipette and a photometer to complete the process, but those listed above generally require additional equipment such as a digestion block. Full details of how to carry out the test is included on each separate test-kit page on our website under the 'instructions' tab. This will include references to additional equipment needed. Contact us for further information.

We are more than happy to help identify the best way to measure specific parameters in different applications

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