bbe algaetorch Algal Monitor


Hand-held algal monitor

The bbe AlgaeTorch is a portable algal monitor for quantitative "field" measurement of blue-green algae and total chlorophyll in marine and fresh waters.

The measurement is based on the natural fluorescence of chlorophyll within algae cells and avoids the need for any sample preparation. The measurement takes less than 15 seconds. No sample preparation. Just switch it on, dip it in and read the display!

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The AlgaeTorch comes in two different versions: 10 m and 100m. The 100m version has a pressure sensor for depth measurement. Both versions have optional turbidity measurement.

Measurement Principle

The pigments of the algae are spectrally excited by three coloured LEDs at high frequency. As a response, the algae emit red light. The intensity of the light is used to calculate the concentrations of the different algae types, i.e. blue-green and total microalgae.

The calculation is performed automatically. Results are displayed on the instrument and stored in the internal memory. An encapsulated USB port enables data transfer to a PC


EU WFD ecological status assessment - Restoration/rehabilitation projects - Environmental monitoring - Limnological work - Research and education

For more information on the AlgaeTorch, please follow the link to the bbe website


  • Measurands : Total Chlorophyll, Blue-green Algae
  • Chlorophyll range : 0 - 200 µg /L
  • Resolution : 0.2µg /L
  • Water Temperature : 0 - 30° C
  • Power Supply : 110/230V - 50/60Hz - 12V
  • Dimensions (H x Diameter) : 500 x 60 mm
  • Protection : IP68
  • Weight : 1.3kg
  • Operating Depth : 10m or 100m
  • Interface : USB optional
  • Green algae and cyanobacteria Chl-a determination
  • Automatic substrate compensation
  • Datalogger function
  • Hand-held operation
  • Touch-pad operation
  • GPS software as standard
  • Integral instrument display
  • PC software included
  • Internal rechargeable batteries with power-down feature
  • No sample preparation
  • Easy handling
  • Cable-free operation
  • Simultaneous determination of green, blue green algae and diatoms
  • Real-time data displayed
  • Rapid portable operation
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