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Airport Runoff Applications

Since 1996, Envitech Ltd have been involved in monitoring airport runoff at Seven major airports

airport runoff monitoring

Surface water runoff from runways can contain high levels of contaminants including de-icer. On-line analysers can provide a valuable control tool to optimize storage capacity and ensure consent discharges are maintained.

For de-icing, chemicals such as glycol, acetates or formates are used which are additionally mixed with thickening agents in order to improve adhesion to surfaces. This adhesion works like a sponge so that a certain amount of the winter precipitation is absorbed and liquified by the de-icing agents. This is necessary as ice and snow negatively influence the weight and aerodynamics of an aircraft.

Because of its adhesive characteristics, de-icing water causes huge memory and carry-over effects with online monitoring systems. Residual traces of previous measurements falsify the results of the current measurement. Furthermore, due to this characteristic neither filtration nor transportation through thin tubing is recommended.

runoff water process at an airport

Another challenge is the strongly fluctuating loads. On one hand, the critical values for public discharge are very low, the discharge regulation for the river Rhine for example stipulates 150 mg/l O2.

On the other hand, it must be possible to measure high concentrations of up to 50.000 mg/l C accurately. Therefore, a very fast and precise measurement technique is required in order to discharge most of the water into the discharge system in a cost efficient way.

Depending on the concentration / load it can be discharged into a WWTP or storage basin.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific application,  additionally, you may be interested in the LAR QuickTOC designed specifically for airport applications.

  • 1,200 °C oxidation in the heart of the oven - therefore no catalysts needed
  • The patented FlowSampler® does not clog up and avoids the need for any filters or pre-treatment
  • Ozone Free
  • Response time: typical - 3 minutes
  • High salt option can deal with up to 300g/lt Sodium Chloride.
  • Analyser availability at least 98%
  • Multiple measuring ranges
  • Touch Screen Control and Display
  • Digital and analog output signals for external alarms and controls
  • Multi-channel options
  • Low maintenance a maximum of 30 mins per week

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