Dissolved Oxygen Monitors

Dissolved Oxygen monitors

Envitech offers a range of optical Dissolved Oxygen monitors for process, wastewaters and natural watercourses.

These Optical DO sensors are of an innovative design with No membranes or caps. This means No consumables costs, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

This type of sensor is simpler to maintain and is more robust because of the solid state technology. The range of instrumentation using this method includes fixed site and hand-held devices for use in many different applications.

For your copy of a WRC study of the performance of the DO sensor click here.

Please click this link to visit our Dissolved Oxygen case studies page.

dissolved oxygen without membrane
optical dissolved oxygen monitors


The InsiteIG_1000 dissolved oxygen monitors are a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor. The InsiteIG range has world class design with unrivalled performance. The Model 10 sensor utilizes an optical technique that does not consume oxygen - giving a significant advantage compared with electrochemical sensors in slow moving waters.

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portable dissolved oxygen monitors


The InsiteIG_3100 portable dissolved oxygen monitors are state of the art, and easy to use providing many benefits to the plant operations staff.

  • fluorescence sensor technology
  • no membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges
  • sensor does not have to remain moist because if the solid state technology
  • data logging with optional direct downloading to your PC
  • no need for site calibration because calibration is factory programmed

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dissolved oxygen monitors


MJK have added an optical dissolved oxygen measurement sensor to their range of analysers. This analyzer is a DO system which combines the benefits of the optical sensor with the flexibility and connectivity of the MJK converter. The specs for this system include accuracy of 1% or 0.02ppm, resolution of 0.02ppm and a range of 0-25ppm (temperature range 0-50degC). Co-operation between the sensor manufacturer and transmitter manufacturer has resulted in a powerful and cost-effective solution.

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multiparameter dissolved oxygen monitors


InsiteIG MPA48 is a multi channel (4-8) multiparameter system capable of taking DO, SS, pH and ORP in any combination. Insite IG have used their time-proven optical DO and MLSS sensors and added pH and ORP to give a comprehensive multiparameter package.

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multiparameter including dissolved oxygen monitors

OptoDoSys-Series 20

The OptoDoSys_20 Series wireless system comprises a Process Transmitter, Sensor Transmitters and selection of sensors including DO Probes, SS Probes and pH/ORP Probes. The 20 Series System will support wireless communications with up to 16 probes in any combination and is designed for flexibility with economical process monitoring and control.

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