Rivers and Lakes

Rivers & Lakes


One of the important monitoring parameters to meet the requirements of this directive is the level of Blue/green algae. bbe-Moldaenke from Germany, are specialists in this field, and we can provide several different types of instrument for this purpose:
  • bbe AlgaeLabAnalyser ALA – a lab device to analyse pre-taken samples
  • bbe Fluoroprobe – a sophisticated submersible probe which is capable of algal class distinction.
  • bbe AlgaeTorch – A simple hand held device capable of total and Blue/green algal determination by non skilled operatives.
rivers and lakes monitoring
rivers and lakes


The Water Directive Framework states that the ecological status of water bodies should be regularly assessed. Since primary producers, which include Benthic algae, are fundamental to the water body condition, it has effectively become obligatory to study the development and abundance of these organisms.
Envitech can supply the BenthoTorch which was specifically designed to meet these requirements. You can use the BenthoTorch to meausre the total, green, blue green and diatom populations attached to benthic substrates.
monitoring oil in rivers


Abstraction from rivers and reservoirs should be protected from accidental, malicious, or naturally occurring pollutants, in order to safeguard both process integrity and customer safety.
Envitech can provide a variety of instruments to assist in this process. These include Floating and soluble oil monitors , online algae monitors capable of detecting total and blue-green algae. We can also supply fish, algae, bacterial and Daphnia toximeters for non specific toxin detection. In addition, we can provide equipment for in situ multi wavelength UV/VIS spectral absorption detection for specific compound finger printing.