Lab Respirometers

Laboratory Single and Multi-Bottle Respirometers

BMT Series from Surcis

Single Bottle respirometers measure the utilisation rate of oxygen by the culture under investigation when fed with a substrate.

They may be used to assess toxicity, oxygen requirement and provision on site, degree of treatment, loading rate, nitrification and many other relevant operational parameters.

Multi-Bottle respirometers measure the gas evolution and rate of evolution from digesting samples.

They are useful for assessing imported feed stocks, toxicity, and health of the digesting culture.

Application Survey

Envitech Ltd have experience of supplying a number of respirometer systems for many years. We are able to supply systems and accessories from different manufacturers across the world for a variety of applications.

Due to the range of instrumentation available, and the wide variety of applications, please get in touch to let us know your requirements either through our contact page or by using our online Application Questionnaire.