Aqueous Phase Parameters Index

Envitech supply a wide range of both portable, and fixed site continuous monitors for a large number of water and waster water parameters used in applications such as:

  • wastewater treatment plant final effluent monitoring
  • airport run-off monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • process monitoring

The main fixed site parameters that we offer are listed below. For portable parameter lists refer to Laboratory and Field section.

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Envitech supply a range of lab, field and online fluorometers for the determination of total chlorophyll and discrimination into individual algal classes from bbe-moldaenke

Algae analysis

In-situ measurement of NH3-N/NH4-N with either gas sensing or ISE electrodes. Instruments suitable for Final Effluent, in-process  and wastewater inlet monitoring. We also supply a range of Field and Lab photometers and test kits for Ammonia and other nutrient detection.

ammonia monitor

LAR's BioMonitor is an online BOD analyser for the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), respiration and toxicity in wastewater. Using BioMonitor, operators can efficiently control their wastewater treatment plant.


On-line real time COD monitoring with a variety of techniques dependent on application. Our range of LAR instrumentation offers solutions for many different industrial applications.


In-situ and hand-held fluorescent dissolved oxygen monitors from Insite IG. The unique Insite sensor requires no maintenance as it has no membrane cap. Instant read-out and logging from hand-held devices, and reliable monitoring from fixed site versions.

dissolved oxygen

Including pH, ORP, Conductivity, Cl, Turbidity, Nitrate etc.. A variety of in-situ, on-line and hand held sondes, using various measuring techniques are available

optical analysis

In-situ real time monitoring of Nitrate using ISE or UV optical Absorption are available. Colorimetric hand held kits also available.

nitrate analyser

Both surface oil and soluble oil detection systems available utilising IR reflection and UV fluorescence respectively.

oil in water

OrthoP and on line Total P systems available Colorimetric test kits also available.

bluemon3_conv2 without doorwebsize

Both single path IR absorption or multipath/angle reflection Systems available. Hand-held and fixed site units for a variety of applications.


In-situ and on-line systems available. ISE(standard addition) UV adsorption + pH measurement, and polargraphic sensors + pH measurement are all available dependant on pH range of operation. Hand held colorimetric kits also available.


Systems utilising High temp catalytic oxidation, low temp UV/persulphate oxidation, and UV absorption Spectra modelling inference are all available. A range of instrumentation is available, some specifically custom-designed for precise industrial applications.


On-line systems for detection of toxicity towards algae Bacteria or Daphnia are available from innovative German manufacturer bbe-moldaenke.

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LAR analysers are suitable for a wide range of applications and can measure a wide range of parameters. In many cases, multiple parameters can be measured with the same instrument. Please check out both our LAR 'parameter' table and 'application' table, to help identify the instrument best suited to your needs.