Waste Water

Envitech supply a range of instrumentation for monitoring final effluent or process wastewater, holding lagoons or natural watercourses. We supply online, in-situ or hand-held instruments and waste water test kits for a range of different parameters.


waste water consent compliance

Online Ammonia Monitor

Consent Compliance

Online ammonia, phosphate and nitrate monitors, and test kits for monitoring of effluent discharge and overall wastewater plant performance. Envitech can offer online measurement for real-time monitoring linked to alarm systems, or test kits for spot monitoring. Online systems can also be used to build up data for diurnal trending - test kits offer quick and easy low cost analysis from multiple locations.

waste water field test kits

Test Kits for Wastewater

waste water product loss monitoring

BOD monitoring

Product Loss Control

Organic Carbon detection as COD/TOC/BOD is widely used to detect product loss in Dairies, food & drink factories and chemical production facilities. This maximises profit and reduces effluent treatment costs. Trends produced by online measurements can indicate where processes may need to be changed or updated.

COD TOC in waste water

ISA multi-parameter probe

respirometers for waste water monitoring


Process Protection

Biological waste water treatment processes may be protected by on-line or laboratory toximeters or respirometers. On line BOD monitors may be used for shock load detection, diversion and balancing. Anaerobic respirometry may be used to screen tanker imports and monitor digester condition.

toxicity in waste water

Toxicity monitoring

process control in waste water

Ammonia in Aeration Lane

Process control

In-situ parameter measurements for Suspended Solids, DO, Ammonia, Nitrate, Phosphate, and blanket level are available from Envitech Ltd. Process control instrumentation is widely used for control of aeration, nutrient removal or addition and desludging. Envitech can supply a range of portable instrumentation for spot-measurements where online measurement is difficult or impractical.

dissolved oxygen for waste water process

DO monitor