Ammonia Monitoring

Ammonia can be measured in different ways and using different methods. Envitech Ltd can supply a range of In-Situ ammonia analysers and field/lab test kits for ammonia monitoring.

For information about what ammonia/ammonium NH3, NH4 NH4-N are, and how ammonia is measured click here

In-Situ Ammonia monitoring

Self calibrating, self cleaning, self contained. The image below shows a typical installation. Ammonia levels within the WWTP process and at the final effluent are an important measure of treatment efficiency especially for nitrifying / denitrifying plants. In-Situ measurement is being selected based on performance and whole life costs. Please contact us to discuss which analysers or test methods would best suit your requirements.



online NH4

In situ ammonia

The PBS online ammonia monitor is a simple and robust system that can be relied upon to measure ammonia for monitoring and control of wastewater treatment

  • Solids and biological fouling have little impact due to the batch settlement and caustic flushing that occurs at every measurement cycle
  • Ammonia GSE electrode provides close correlation to laboratory methods
  • Auto-calibration ensures accuracy of analysis
  • The PBS is the instrument of choice for many water companies in the UK, able to measure successfully in either Final Effluent or Aeration lanes
  • Requires no kiosk or pumping system


insitu nitrate and ammonia

In situ Ammonia and/or Nitrate


The AmniSys is a multi-parameter monitor primarily used for Ammonia, but equally able to measure Nitrate and interferences such as Potassium and Chloride. Temperature is integrated, and depending on the probe type, pH is either integrated (double junction reference/pH) or available as a separate electrode.

  • Our preferred solution for WWTP inlet ammonia, is equally able to measure in the process and at final effluent
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Comprehensive control software and features
  • Able to measure additional parameters and to compensate for known interferences


Field and Lab tests

water test kits

water test kits

Envitech Ltd are UK distributors for Macherey Nagel equipment used in measuring water and wastewater. Within this range are specific tests for Ammonia, including photometers specifically dedicated to monitoring Ammonia in drinking water and for Fisheries. The extensive range of Macherey Nagel kit includes tests in various forms:

  • NANOCOLOR - these comprise the most comprehensive range of tube test kits, photometers and spectrophotometers to automatically read and store test results and heating blocks for both field and laboratory use.

  • VISOCOLOR - visual tube tests that can be read using a colour chart (as well as being read using the photometers). This range incorporates a special range called 'ECO' designed to avoid hazardous substances which are normally part and parcel of chemical test kits.

  • QUANTOFIX - test papers and test strips, quick and easy visual tests. Although traditionally, these tests are used for simple visual measurements, we are also able to supply the Macherey Nagel Quantofix automatic reader that can read and log results from test strips

Macherey Nagel are well established in Europe with 100 years of experience in analytical chemistry and a world-wide market. The Macherey Nagel quality system is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.