Suspended Solids / Turbidity

Suspended Solids and Turbidity measurement

A range of Suspended Solids and Turbidity analysers in either rail-mounted or hand-held format. The Hand-held versions are capable of logging 50 data points and downloading to a PC or laptop. Data can be downloaded in 'csv' format for integration into compatible software packages. The rail mounted analyser comes as 240VAC or 110VAC with analogue/digital outputs and optional air-cleaning.


The InsiteIG_1500 suspended solids analyser is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor.

    • Not affected by colour changes or particle size
    • No requirement for weekly calibration
    • Extreme accuracy
    • Analyser self-test
    • Simple user interface and logging
    • Two sensors are available for measurement ranges of 0-1500mg/l or 0-30,000mg/l

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suspended solids analyser


The InsiteIG Model 3150 portable suspended solids analyser is a state of the art, easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff.

The hand-held monitors use the same innovative technology used by the rail-mount analysers. They are waterproof and feature a large backlit display and rechargeable batteries. There is a RS232 serial interface and optional software and cable for download of logged data. Up to 50 data points with date stamp (internal real-time clock) can be logged and downloaded to a PC at the users convenience.

Like the InsiteIG_1500 above, the sensor is available in a low range (0-1500mg/l) or high range (0-30,000mg/l)

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portable suspended solids


The SolSys_M sensors’ 6 optical windows and its patented measuring system measures both turbidity and suspended solids. Suitable for measuring from turbidity in clean drinking water to suspended solids in heavy sludge. This full range is available from only one sensor model. The ranges covered are: as turbidity from 0.001 to 9999 FNU / NTU and as suspended solids from 0.001g/l to 400 g/l.

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turbidity analyser


The SolSys_Datastick is an optical Suspended Solids / Turbidity sensor that utilises a 1cm path length and 90deg and 180deg detection. The datastick features dual optics and optional air clean system minimise fouling effects. This makes it ideal for monitoring all solids concentrations throughout a wastewater treatment plant. It may be connected direct to a site PLC or via a display/controller.

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suspended solids analysis